Accelerating Smart Education Plan 

To go through the digitalized present world, we need to acquire new skills that we make a statement to the world by using cutting edge technology. 

Advanced Technology

We, Yanagawa high school, renewed the wi-fi equipment in the whole school building for enhanced security and stable internet connection. Even more, we have devised our EdTech strategy which brings forward educational innovation such as putting electronic boards in classes, distribution of a tablet device per student, introduction of digital learning materials, digitalization of registration, entrance exams, etc. 

  Creative “place for future education”

From .X to the world!

.X is a creative “Future educational field” which conducts classes and provides content that unblock a student’s academic potential by removing glass ceilings. Students and teachers share opinions and work together using the .X classroom. We have conducted classes for intercultural communication with international students. We also have invited many professional speakers from a variety of fields and held seminars for students and staff.  

We are going to embark on virtual school project.

By taking the opportunity of the Yanagawa school 80th anniversary, we are going to embark on a virtual space project called “virtual school” which has no restrictions on place and time, and unlimited cost. Considering the future ahead of our Global school plan and Smart Education plan, we have decided to embark on a challenge now. Using an ever-accelerating speed from 5G to 6G of technology, we established Virtual school which in turn makes it possible for everyone to have borderless, seamless, and timeless global communication. To achieve the 17 sustainable development goals, we are aiming to take tangible action for humans to survive beyond, with universal teenagers. 

To the world of brain science “Smart brain program”

A tie-up with Tokyo university

By collaboration with Tokyo university, we have introduced a new curriculum integrating the sense of brain science at the period for integrated studies since 2021. Checking each student to discover their potential ability, by employing brain science to facilitate a better education is a new challenge also. We are planning to develop a high-quality education system soon. We are going to approach you all through the brain science. 

Our challenge to change Japanese education.

To survive in today’s world, language acquisition is a necessity. In the activity of one of the Smart Education plans “Smart brain program”, the professor Kuniyoshi L. Sakai, Tokyo university, talked about “Language acquisition and brain development”. Knowing your brain structure and enhance learning efficiency, you can attempt acquisition of multiple languages, also your potential ability.