Outstanding school facilities create a comfortable environment to support students throughout their three years in Yanagawa High School.

School building

Equipped with heating and air conditioning, our facilities provide a comfortable environment, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout both summer and winter.

Training Room

You can engage in free weight and machine training at our training room.

the point X / Computer room

At the core of our Smart Education Initiative is ‘the point X’, and our computer room is equipped with 200 computers, used in various class subject.

Canteen / School Store

Popular lunch menus are Karaage rice bowl and Curry rice with Katsu. School store has been renewed and now has various selection of items.

Athletic Field

Used for PE classes and as baseball practice field.

Budokan (Dojo)

Used for multi-purpose such as practice of Kendo and other educational activities.


Used for various kinds of ceremony, gathering, PE classes, and club activities.

School Dormitory

We provide student dormitories to accommodate students from outside the prefecture or overseas, ensuring a supportive living environment.

Tennis Court

There are six tennis courts available for use in both classes and extracurricular activities.