School Event

4 April

Entrance ceremony Opening ceremony Standardized test

5 May

School Anniversary Mid-term exam PTA general meeting Career guidance Employment etiquette briefing session (3rd Graders) Love Earth Clean (1st Graders)

6 June

Sports Day End-term exam career guidance for Microsoft course students (3rd graders) Accommodation training(1st graders) Field trip (2nd graders) Gatalympic (International course)

7 July

End-term ceremony

8 August

Open campus Infromation session for returnee students Private junior high school / high school exhibition Study camp

9 September

Opening ceremony Regional social gathering Culture Festival Career guidance (3rd graders)

10 October

High School Global Summit Open campus Mid-term exam

11 November

End-term exam School trip abroad

12 December

Theater viewing Christmas illumination Students general meeting International student entrance exam reception begins Ending ceremony

1 January

Opening ceremony Brass band concert Entrance exam

2 February

Year-end examination Special public lecture

3 March

Graduation ceremony End of the school year ceremony