Short-Term Study Program to Japan

Yanagawa High School offers a short-term study abroad program for international students who wish to experience Japanese high school life. Japanese language proficiency is not required for participation. Additionally, participants have the option to undergo pre-arrival Japanese language enhancement training (online). Why not take advantage of the school’s summer or winter break to experience Yanagawa High School firsthand? We look forward to welcoming you!

School Information Session / School Orientation

School Life / Classes

Field Trip

School Event

About the program


During Summer (Jun-Jul) or Winter (Jan) break

The number of students per group

About 20-30 students


14-18 years old


School dormitory (Breakfast and dinner included)

Admission history

<2024 Summer>

Looking for international students Now!!  


<2024 Winter>

9 students from Mongolia

<2023 Summer>

12 students from Mongolia and Laos

Daily schedule

Weekend Trip


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About School

In Japanese

Not all people can speak English, but you can communicate with people (especially younger generations) in simple English.

Yes. But the use of smartphones are prohibited during the class.

There will be an orientation when you arrive in Japan. The detail will be announced there.

About School Dormitory

At 21:30

Yes, it’s the public bathroom. It’s less crowded when you take a shower in the morning.

You can cook some easy meals, but it’s cheaper if you buy your meal at school cafeteria.

Yes, there is.

Yes, you can. But please make sure your teacher knows the schedule(where you go and what time you come back).

No, they are not allowed to enter the dormitory.

Basically teachers will allocate the room for students. (If you have special circumstances, please contact us. )

About School Facilities

About 400-500 yen. It’s cheaper than eating outside the school and has lots of variations.

Surveillance cameras are installed, preventing unauthorized access by outsiders.

No, you can keep your shoes on at school.

Other Questions

Yes, please get insurance individually.(mandatory)

Please contact Yanagawa ASEAN office or the Japanese Embassy in your local region.

They will be sent to you 1 month before the departure at the latest.

You need to extend the VISA to do that, so please check the procedure at the Japanese embassy in your local region.

Lunch: 500 yen × 30 days= 15,000yen

Souvenir and weekend trip : around 30,000 yen

Please contact Umesaki sensei. (You can also contact Amano)

Students’ Voice

I have become interested in studying abroad for an extended period at Yanagawa High School

Yanagawa High School was an excellent school. I am grateful for the numerous learning opportunities it provided.

The short-term study abroad program was a lot of fun. I hope to visit again someday.

I truly love Yanagawa High School. Everyone is so friendly, and I had a really enjoyable time!

Japanese Language Brush-up before the Trip

Short-term study participants can avail themselves of Japanese language education services provided by ‘Pirates of Education,’ a Japanese language education institution. This opportunity allows you not only to enhance your Japanese language skills before their study abroad but also to maintain proficiency and connect with Japanese learners worldwide even after their stay.

Go to Pirates of Education Website


If you have any question about our short-term study program, please contact us from the contact form below.