Short-Term Study Program to Japan

Yanagawa High School offers a short-term study abroad program for international students who wish to experience Japanese high school life. Japanese language proficiency is not required for participation. Additionally, participants have the option to undergo pre-arrival Japanese language enhancement training (online). Why not take advantage of the school’s summer or winter break to experience Yanagawa High School firsthand? We look forward to welcoming you!

School Information Session / School Orientation

School Life / Classes

Field Trip

School Event

Students’ Voice

I have become interested in studying abroad for an extended period at Yanagawa High School

Yanagawa High School was an excellent school. I am grateful for the numerous learning opportunities it provided.

The short-term study abroad program was a lot of fun. I hope to visit again someday.

I truly love Yanagawa High School. Everyone is so friendly, and I had a really enjoyable time!

Japanese Language Brush-up before the Trip

Short-term study participants can avail themselves of Japanese language education services provided by ‘Pirates of Education,’ a Japanese language education institution. This opportunity allows you not only to enhance your Japanese language skills before their study abroad but also to maintain proficiency and connect with Japanese learners worldwide even after their stay.

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