It has been 82 years since Yanagawa high school was established in the historic and prestigious Yanagawa city.We sent off many graduates to thrive on the worldwide stage.Yanagawa high school is such energetic school which can make everyone grow.

Yanagawa High School

A message from the president

President / Principal Ken Koga

Times have changed, let’s meet your future self!

The times we live in now allow you to build yourself and your life up with just a smartphone. It is important to cultivate intellectual curiosity and create your future by seeing and listening to many things, especially for people like you who live in a time with plenty of opportunities. Don’t predict your future, envision it!

I would like to share 3 important words with you for that

Global, Technology and Space.

There are plenty of hints and solutions laid out to help you create your ideal future.You can’t get this experience anywhere other than Yanagawa high school.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and take this opportunity!

History of Yanagawa High School


Yanagawa High School : 125 Honjomachi, Yanagawa, Fukuoka 832-0061, Japan